About FoxWear


FOXWEAR Technology Co., Ltd. was established in October 2021, focusing on the design, research and development and sales of smart outdoor products. The company's brand "FOXWEAR" takes the smart helmet as the entry point and focuses on the layout of smart outdoor products

In the post-epidemic era, with the dream of "strengthening confidence and starting again", based on the domestic and foreign markets, we vow to serve global consumers through the product development and customer service with concept of "continuous innovation, continuous service" and provide outdoor Enthusiasts with the most technologically advanced audio and video experience, and at the same time add luster to the grand strategy of "China's overseas brand".

  • 3 +

    brand Advantage

  • 100 +

    R & D team

  • 5000

    Production base

01Manufacturing advantage

Focusing on the production of sports helmets, the company has a production base of 5,000 square meters, a complete helmet production line, professional production machinery and equipment, full automation of the production process, and the ability to quickly produce and ship.

02R & D advantage

Strong product research and development capabilities, good at understanding customer needs, making cycling safer and more interesting, advocating the values ​​and methodology of "smart helmets"; sharing the joyful process of "design and development - super experience" with customers.

03Service Advantage

Today, when ensuring high-quality service is the lifeline of an enterprise, we are equipped with a strong pre-sales and after-sales team and specialized technical personnel to answer your questions and ensure that the problems encountered by customers can be solved in the first time.


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Sales manager

Job Responsibilities

1. According to the company's annual sales target, plan and carry out effective marketing strategies and sales behaviors to support the implementation and completion of sales targets;

2. Responsible for collecting, sorting and managing market and customer information, and developing customer resources;

3. Responsible for sales coordination in the European and American regions

Structural engineer

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for product structure design of smart wearable products

2. As the direct responsible person of the corresponding project team structure, responsible for the development cost, stage target and development cycle

3. Work with the team to review ID and process feasibility, and assist ID to complete the initial product design;

Warehouse management

Job Responsibilities

1. Supplier incoming statistics

2. Issue registration, update the system regularly, and keep the quantity of materials in the system consistent with the physical objects

3. According to the trial/production plan, timely send the material preparation quantity requirements to the purchase material preparation